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Screw in hinges
Screw on hinges
Hinges adjustable in three directions
Decorative caps to hinges
Drill templates
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TKZ POLAND - building hardware manufacturer

Our experience is based o­n nearly three decades of the hinges manufacture tradition in a family business in Poland and o­n the 100-year history of hinges manufacture in a Czech company TKZ Polna.

We have a wide range of products used in both traditional and modern solutions assembly, which consists of: hinges o­n three parts, screw pivot hinges, door hinge bolts, decorative hinges, hinge holders and drill templates.
Our philosophy is based o­n the maximum customer satisfaction achieved by high quality of products and exceptional service. The high quality is acknowledged by the reception of the certificate of the implementation of the quality management system ISO in 1999, as well as ISO 9001:2008.
Our products are certified according to EN: 2002. Flexibility in the cooperation and highly qualified stuff provide a high level of service.
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